Sydney Hills Gymnasts Shine at New Zealand Junior Classic: 11 Medals and a Team Victory for Australia!

On the 26th of May 2024, the New Zealand Junior Classic in Auckland was the stage for the most talented junior gymnasts from Australia and New Zealand.

 Australian and New Zealand Gymnasts posing for a pic

This exciting event brought together top athletes to compete across all six Men’s Artistic Gymnastics apparatus. Among the gymnasts representing Australia were Julian Tavares, Ritam Malik and Daniel Chalabov from Sydney Hills Gymnastics. The strong Australian team finished in 1st place All-Around, with Julian, Ritam and Daniel bringing home 11 individual medals!

Australian Gymnasts posing for a pic with Gold medals around their necks

Julian had an outstanding international debut, capturing the All-Around title. He also claimed gold on Pommel, silver on Parallel Bars and bronze on Rings and Vault.

Happy smiling make gymnast with medals around his neck.

Ritam Malik demonstrated incredible determination, especially after battling an injury before the competition. He won four silver medals, including 2nd place All-Around, and silver for Pommel, Parallel Bars and High Bar.

Happy smiling gymnast with medals around his neck

Daniel had a strong start, but unfortunately, he injured his ankle during the Vault, forcing him to withdraw from the competition. Before his injury, he secured gold on Rings and bronze on Pommel Horse.

Coach Vassili Trofimov, who had the honour of being the Australian Team Coach, praised the gymnasts for their hard work and resilience.

“It was a great competition experience for the boys going to New Zealand straight after the Australian Gymnastics Championships.” remarked Vassili as he reflected on the competition.”It was a good lesson on sustaining quality and focus over a series of events.”

“It wasn’t a perfect competition, and it was sad that Daniel got injured during the trip. However, I was especially pleased with Julian’s improvement and performance. He has proven that he can do great gymnastics. ”

Australian gymnasts with their coach proudly displaying gold medals around their necks

Sydney Hills Gymnastics is incredibly proud of Julian, Ritam and Daniel for their outstanding performances and contributions to Australia’s victory. Their dedication and achievements are truly inspiring!

Written by Alison Langdon of Sydney Hills Gymnastics

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