How to enrol?

Follow these simple steps to join us


Please ring  9659 9010 or email: Our administration staff will recommend you a class and book a trial to attend. Suitability for a class usually depends on the age and experience.


Alternatively, create an account on our Customer Portal and make a request for a trial class, book in our School Holiday Program or book a birthday party for your child.

Please note:
Parent – assisted Early Learning Programs trial may be booked via our Customer Portal. For other program, the Customer Portal will show class times available for booking. To book you will need to go through the enquiry process.


Once a trial has been attended we will recommend the best level for your child and give you a choice of day and time from available classes across both of our venues. Creating an account is necessary to complete your enrolment process.

Acceptance of terms and conditions on the Customer Portal is a mandatory part of your enrolment and becomes your agreement with our club.

Our club is a part of the National Risk Protection Program with Honan Insurance as the insurance provider. The fee we pay to the insurer is a fixed amount per calendar year. Our club is required to pay the full registration amount for each child regardless of when the child starts their membership during the calendar year. The fee structure is explained in the table below. This insurance fee ensures your child is protected should they accidentally injure themselves while participating in gymnastics at our club.