Winter School Holiday Gymnastics Fun is almost here!

School holidays can be a time of great joy for some (kids) and a time of dread for others (parents). The big question looms in parents’ minds: how am I going to keep the kids entertained for two whole weeks without relying on too much technology? Additionally, school holidays can be particularly tricky if you are a working parent.

Gymnastics is a great way for kids to expend all that extra energy. We have lots in store for school aged kids 5-15 these school holidays.

School Holiday Program – designed for the working parent in mind

(Monday 08/06/2024 – Friday 19/06/2024 plus Monday 22 Half & Full Day at Belle Vista) – excludes weekends

The School Holiday program offers parents the flexibility to choose what best suits their family needs. There’s Half Day (8:45am – 12:30pm) Full Day (8:45am – 3:30pm) and Long Day (8:30am – 5pm) options available. Participants will get to play fun gymnastics games while improving their strength, flexibility, coordination and stamina.

With all three options we will serve a morning tea of freshly cut fruits and veggies and a juice box to each participant. Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand! Plus our valued club members will receive a 15% credit coupon. This coupon can applied to the child’s next term’s fees or go towards an unforgettable gymnastics birthday party.

Children can also attend our tumbling clinics at the Castle Hill venue. This is not a beginner clinic and is best suited for dancers and performers who need to learn or  improve tumbling skills for more exciting routines.

A pre teen boy jumping on a trampoline wearing a grey shirt during school holiday fun

Skills Clinics – learn, improve or practice a favourite gymnastics skill

(Monday 08/06/2024 – Friday 19/06/2024) – excludes weekends

School holidays are a great opportunity for kids that love gymnastics to learn, improve and practice their favourite skills. This is where our Skills Clinics come in handy. We will run 1-, 1.5- and 2-hour clinics at our Bella Vista venue, every weekday afternoon. The students will learn and practice skills such as cartwheels, walkovers, flips, tumbles, grips and more.

The program will help to not just improve the specific skill but also increase strength, flexibility, stamina and overall fitness.  The clinics are excellent for children who do an additional sport and wish to improve for their chosen sport. The Skills Clinics will be run by carefully selected coaches that have extensive experience.

We reward hard work so the 6th clinic will be FREE!


A pre teen girl jumping off a bean in a star shape wearing a white crop top and colourful tights during school holiday fun

Here is what one of our parents had to say about the skills clinics:

“My daughter is a cheerleader and dancer and wanted to continue to improve her tumbling and acro skills. Specifically she wanted to get her back tuck on the floor and shorten the run up for her front aerial.

She attended several skills clinics including ” Tramp & Flip” and “Tumbling for Gymnasts, Cheerleaders & Dancers”  which are both tumbling focused.

After attending, my daughter noticed that she had improved her confidence to execute back tucks, gained skills in side aerial variations and improved her power and body position for front aerials.

The coaches are highly experienced, the club is well equipped and it’s reasonably priced. I would highly recommend this program.”

School holidays do not have to be stressful for parents or boring for the kids. Gymnastics is a wonderful way for kids to “keep fit – make friends – have fun”.

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