Membership Agreement Terms and Conditions

Sydney Hills Gymnastics terms and conditions of trading and service provision

I acknowledge and agree that:

  1. Sydney Hills Gymnastics provides services as per terms and conditions that are regulated by policies.
  2. These terms and conditions can be varied with the authority of the Director of the Sydney Hills Gymnastics, further SHG in the text.
  3. The agreement with member will continue in force beyond the minimum agreement period on (quarter/month depending on payment account as per SHG Fees Policy) basis and on the agreement terms of previous period unless 14 days written notice is given to SHG. If such a notice to SHG is not provided any obligation to a minimum agreement period must be honored in full.
  4. SHG has the sole discretion to terminate this agreement as a result of a breach by member of any terms contained in this agreement or policies of the Club.
  5. Cancellation of membership can only take place after a minimum agreement period has been completed. Minimum agreement period is quarter or month depending on payment account as per SHG fees policy. Members can cancel membership if a written notice of cancellation is received by SHG not less than 14 days prior to the intended cancellation date. Any amounts due to SHG must be paid in full prior to the cancellation taking place.
  6. SHG has a right to charge members a fee for defaulted payments at the rate of 10% for each incident.
  7. There are options of time hold in the incident of illness and /or injury as per the current fees policy.
  8. All prices quoted are inclusive of GST.
  9. Activities which are undertaken are for the purposes of recreation, enjoyment, or leisure, involve a significant degree of physical exertion or physical risk and that Sydney Hills Gymnastics excludes all liability of death or personal injury relating to any participation in such activity however arising, including without limitation whether caused by the negligence of SHG in accordance with the Trade Practices Act 1974. Therefor I understand any gymnastics disciplines activities or other recreational activities in the gymnasium are dangerous. Participants that take part in such activities do so at their own risk. Sydney Hills Gymnastics takes no responsibility for any injury that occurs because of participation.
  10. I give permission for my child/self to be photographed/video-recorded while participating in any Sydney Hills Gymnastics activities by Sydney Hills Gymnastics staff or contracted by SHG professionals. I consent for the photos/video to be used for publicity if required by Sydney Hills Gymnastics.
  11. Although Sydney Hills Gymnastics does not discriminate on race or gender, we request that all head dress or religious attire be tight fitted & may not be able to be worn in competitive levels due to safety.
  12. Gymnastics is a hands-on sport; coaches will be spotting, helping and developing skills by hand.
  13. If your child/self has a medical condition that we need to be aware of you need to inform SHG in writing.
  14. Sydney Hills Gymnastics is committed to protecting your privacy. We will collect, use, disclose and hold personal information in
    accordance with the Privacy Act 1998 (“The Act”). For further details or a copy of the club’s full Privacy Policy, please contact the office for a copy or find it on the web site
  15. All policies are available in printed version upon request or can be viewed on the website
  16. I may access the member personal information withheld by the club upon request.
  17. I have read and understood my obligations and rights in relation to this agreement and will abide by all membership conditions, rules, policies including dress code requirements.