School Holiday Skills Clinics – flip, jump and roll into our new and exciting program

School holidays are a great opportunity for kids to get to do the things they enjoy. Keeping kids busy and occupied, means less boredom and more fun. Gymnastics is an excellent discipline to participate in as it’s fun, improves fitness levels and allows for friendships to flourish.

Our School Holiday Skills Clinics are designed for school aged boys and girls (5-15 y.o.) who are looking to learn, practice or perfect specific skills. This can be anything from cartwheels, walkovers and tumbling to learning gymnastics elements to help achieve specific skills. These elements include grips, landings, jumps, twists, rolls, swings and more all while improving strength and flexibility in a state-of-the-art gymnastics facility.

Our School Holiday Skills Clinics will run at our Bella Vista venue every afternoon during April School Holidays (15th April – 26th April, excluding weekends and 25th April – ANZAC DAY). You can choose from 1,1.5 or 2 hour clinics depending on your child’s age, gender and experience.

Clinics will be conducted by our hand hand-picked coaches with specific qualifications and experience to ensure your child’s success.

Below is a calendar which you may find helpful in identifying the best clinics for your child. Our friendly administration staff would be delighted to discuss options to best supports your child’s skills progression.

Simply call us on 9659 9010 | 0477 704 517 or email

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